Ticketing Systems

Tiketgue was established since 2013, based in Bandung. We were brought to you as a convenience ticketing service management that provide you easy yet secure experience from the moment you purchase the ticket, till you step in the venue. Our focus is to deal with concert events by local or even international artist. Currently, we’ve been handling numerous concerts while continuously advancing our systems to be more prominent. There are service component that we provide :
  • speaker_phoneOnline Purchasing

    We support online sales ticketing through your registered merchant and also via our website : www.tiketgue.com all you need to do is register your personal email and fill the information that we required. Next, you got to choose the concert you want to attend, the venue section, the quantity of tickets you want to buy and re-confirm your payment.

  • receiptGate & Ticket purchasing

    We serve you with accessible ticketing systems, and sophisticated gate entrance. Since we implemented barcoding systems within mobile devices as our scanning tool, the audience’s in and out flow is completely fast and restrainable. By that, we assured you the lowest risk of ticket fraudulence, and any duplicate entry since we verify it accurately.

  • descriptionMerchant

    Merchant is more likely our selected reseller that help you to find it easier to reach us. You can go to our available merchants and purchase the tickets through them. The merchants shall have their own specific account for sales transactions that allows you to get the tickets.

  • view_listWeb Reporting

    We served this for our client, the event owner. Web reporting enables our clients to have full access in maintaining their actual audience’s flow, time schedules, ticket sales records, also the event’s documentation. Web reporting was made to simplify event recapitulation details into categorized ones so clients will find it easier to perceive the report.